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Neons always hiding

I have a school of neon tetras (10) in with a group of harlequin rasboras (6) and couple of dwarf gourami in a 29 gallon tank. The neons stay hidden 90% of the time behind a large rock/cave formation. The other fish are always out in the open. The current from the HOB filter has been redirected to the sides with a cut water bottle in front of the waterfall.

They do come out to eat and are very active at the top and middle during that time but when the food is gone they retreat back to the hidden area behind the rock.

Any ideas why?
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If I recall correctly neons like to stay near cover. Is there other spots they can hide in the tank?
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I have had similar issues with neons, cardinals, etc.. My suggestion would be to add some tall plants like Valisineria to block some line of sight.
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Glad to hear that mine are not just being anti social. I have about 8 smallish Wisteria plants and 2 groups of Anacharis with 3 plants each. The rest of the tank is fake plants in the process of being switched out. I have two dense areas on either side of the rock cave formation
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How long have you had the neons?
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Originally Posted by spike0544 View Post
How long have you had the neons?
about a month
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Do you have any floating plants in the tank? If not adding some floating plants will probably help the neons feel more secure.
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I concur with all that's been posted. They do not like overhead light, none of the Paracheirodon species do (and many other forest fish are similar). Lots of plants and esp floating will settle them.

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