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Are Neon Tetras with one small betta fish in a 5.5-gallon okay?

I have a 5.5 gallon betta tank. I just bought a sponge filter for it. I'm interested in having some neon tetras in it too. I want to know if this is unusual or a bad idea or alright. I know Neon Tetras are good in groups so I was thinking 5 Neon Tetras. Tell me what you think.
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Seems like I"ve heard they can be nippy towards Bettas. Not sure though.
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No other fish in a 5G with a betta. You are completely stocked already.

Add shrimp if you want.
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I agree with cody. not to mention tetras can be brightly colored, and the betta can go after them too, or as cody said, the tetras can go for the betta. my suggestion would be if you want tetras, start a new tank, cycle it, then add the fish.
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I had the same setup but my bettas started eating the tetras food within a week and them it ate all the tetras. I still dont see how it could fit 1 whole tetra in its stomach..... Anyway I punished him by starving him for 3 days. At least he learned his lesson(I guess)
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I guess I'm not getting tetras.
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I've definitely heard from several sources stories of bettas eating neons, so I'd avoid that particular pairing. If you were to upgrade to say, a 10g tank, you could have a nice school of 6 or so corydoras catfish along with a betta.

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