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Neon Tetra Surprise Spawning

This morning I was watching my neon tetras and they were showing some odd behavior... Well, I looked up some videos and sure enough, they were mating!

I recently added 5 new neons to the school, so I've been watching carefully to make sure they're getting along with the old ones. Guess it's a good sign :P And now I know why my females were so fat lately... I saw them dropping their eggs around the tank. The neons ate most of the eggs immediately after they came out. Also, my cory cats were going crazy on the sand -- looks like they smelled the eggs or something and were devouring them too. So I won't be getting any babies (this isn't a breeding tank anyway of course, and I have nowhere to separate them to), but I thought it was a neat thing to share. I've heard neon tetras can be difficult to spawn (although I know many of you know how to do it). :)
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Wow! Sounds awesome! I love hearing about fish unexpectedly spawning. I love neons, too! Congrats, even though you don't have babies!

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Thanks!! :)
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Congrats on the success, you can tell that you have a beautiful set up going!
Can we see some pics of the tank were they spawned to give all of us some hints? Including stocking levels?
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Can't get a picture at the moment but here are some details. My setup isn't ideal yet... but I have a brand new tank cycling and will continue to improve and add more to the school. Currently there are 7 neon tetras in the tank. Tank size is 10g, with lots of plants, sand substrate, and cory cats. pH: 7.2, Ammonia: 0, Nitrites: 0, Nitrates: 20 ppm. Temp was around 72F, and they did it the morning after a water change.
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I just had this happen to me. I don't know if the eggs will survive, not sure I really want them to xD
This tank is just about maxed out already!
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