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neon tetra and guppies - katherine

hi i am going to set up my fish tank and i was wondering if you could put neon terata ( the small blue - red fish that sometimes i think glow in the dark) and guppies (the ones that are very small and have very pretty tails of different colours, well only the males) i was wondering if you could put those 2 types of fish together and i was also wondering wich fish out of guppies and neons get along better with more types of fish because i like to have lots of different types of fish, they are all so pretty !!!
please answer
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I've never heard of a neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) that glows in the dark.

You could put both neons and guppies together without any problem... keeping the pH pretty neutral. If you add any other fish to the tank, be sure that they are small and peaceful and would not nip the guppies' long fins. Do be sure that you have at least 6 or so neons because they do best in a group. As for the guppies, if you don't want them breeding like crazy, you could just go with a group of about 5 or so males (they will pick on each other).

This is just basic info. We will need to know the size of your tank and some details about your entire setup so we can give better and more detailed info. :)
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the only fish that i know of that glows in the dark (well actually you need a black ligh) are glo-fish but they are very unnatural and are a real hazard to the environment.
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Originally Posted by musho3210
the only fish that i know of that glows in the dark (well actually you need a black ligh) are glo-fish but they are very unnatural and are a real hazard to the environment.
Ryan, where did you get the information that glofish are a real hazard to the environment? I doubt it. It was created merely to be used for detection in polluted waters until it came as an idea that they can be sold to the aquarium trade however this fish is patented. Merely distributing of the fry is an act of violation.

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thanks!! got to go
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hey this is kinda off topic but.. my male guppy seems to be bullying my neon's... he bits the tail off.. i read that they were surpose 2 go well together.. any ideas?
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1) neons dont glow in the dark
2) this is a fish forum so you dont have to tell us what a neon or guppy looks like, we know ( just to save some typing in the future..

they should be okay together, just look out for the occassional aggressive male guppy

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Yes, you can. I have a 5 gallon with 5 neons and a beautiful male crowntail betta. I think guppies are not too agressive so yes you can! I would suggest 3 guppies and 5 neons.
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Two year old topic guys.

As for a guppy bullying neons, I'm kinda surprised the male can catch them, they're not great swimmers.

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