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Thanks for the tips Dave. . . I'll keep the shrimp juice in mind if I can't get them switched over- brilliant!!! I'll try it first with just the flake, and go from there. Like you said - hopefully, I'll get lucky!!!

Thanks, Termie!!! I'm glad you like my QT tank - you're a sweetie! I can't get good video in the first place with my crappy cam, but I REALLY can't get decent vids with the lower lighting... I'll give it another try later this week - full tank - just for you!
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Ches, The fish look great! It sounds like you are doing amazing job with them. Best of luck with all the plans you have for them! Hope it continues to go good!
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You could also try working in a little freeze dried foods to see if they will accept dry food. That will give you some indication of whats in store for you feeding these characters
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Thank you guys!

Boredomb, very kind of you to say so - I hope you're right. I don't handle losses very well at all, even one of 20 will make me cry. So far so good! I'm proud of these little guys, they're really adjusting wonderfully!

Dave, so far I've stayed way far away from freeze-dried foods - but that does sound like good advice, and I think you for it! However. . .

GOOD NEWS! - I don't think it's going to be necessary!

They ate flake for the first time today with no trouble *HOORAY!!!* Funny things, they are. . . first I just put some in at the top of the tank, making sure it drifted down where they were. SOME of them have figured out that when the hood opens, food will appear - the others follow, of course - being tetra. . . So they were all there milling about, waiting for food - AND WATCHING IT FALL TO THE GROUND IN FRONT OF THEM! Um, duh guys!

Poor little critters had NO idea what this stuff was! I guess flake food is the fishy equivalent of McDonald's - and my little wilders have never seen such things before! ;) Sooooo, since I USUALLY feed them with a syringe (in order to get the shrimpy bits slowly into the tank and ensure as little clean-up as possible), I put the flakes into a syringe.

When they saw bits of flake coming out of the syringe, they figured that it MUST be food, because EVERYFISH knows that food comes from the sky-world via SYRINGES - and they went to town!

Silly, silly little fishies! They're far to clever for me! *giggle*
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Sounds like you have a regular bunch of Einsteins in there! :)
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You are past one big hurdle now. They will keep getting more accepting of whatever you feed them. I am very glad they accepted flake for you. You are on easy street now
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Bwahaha! EINSTEINS! Suuuure. . . I wish I had the video cam set up so you could have seen them begging for food while it's falling down all around them - and me in the back-round; 'C'mon, guys! I SWEAR, it's AWESOME! It's FOOD!!! HOORAY, FOOD! New Life Spectrum = FRENCHFRIES for FISHIES. One little taste? PULEEEEZE! Frenchfries are the greatest!'

Oh, Dave! I so hope you're right!!! I would so love to see these guys get to a point where they will be comfortable in my 29g community - or even, like, you know. . . THE LIGHT!!! ROFL! Nah, they're doing great, and have come so far this week. I couldn't be happier!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
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Congrats Chesh!
So happy for you and your beans!!

RIP Lilly May, our 13 y/o beagle, taken from us 6.8.12

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*New cattle dog pups! *

Also, check out my journal!
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You remind me off a new mother
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heehee... well, not exactly - my eldest is 5, and my youngest is 2. Beaners are WAY easier to get mushy peas into than an infant, PLUS - and what I really LOVE about fish - they're so quiet!

For some reason. . .I've had this stuck in my head all week. It won't go away!!!


I'm happy for me n' my Beans, too. :)

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