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the angel is still realtively small itself, and my ruby shark (which is bigger and we thought faster than the angel) is showing fin damage too.

we've lost 2 or 3 neons, 3 of the new tetras and the one black phantom that came with. the remaining fish with fin damamge is the shark, a black molly (fairly large) with a nip out of a fin and one neon missing half a tail.
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Do the fins appear fuzzy? Any spots or discoloration on the fish other than the fin area?

Have you seen any aggressive behavior between the fish?

How does your water test for ammonia and nitrites?
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twistersmom you are spot on, we had an expensive plec die so i knew something was really wrong, it's the ammonia. god i feel like a n00b for not spotting it sooner.

i just assumed it was something the new fish had brought in. its soooo high :( test supposed to be read after 10mins, within 10secs it indicated ammonia and within 5mins was off the scale.

it's the new filter, our old one packed in, it wasn't efficient enough so we got a new one and after a month it would appear to still not be bacteria-ed enough.

what can i do? at the mo we use aquasafe and aquabalane (i think its called) by tetra as they came with the tank. but i've heard you can buy bacteria in capsules to boost systems... is it worth a go? help :(
mand x
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Byron would be better on giving advice on what type of bacteria product to use.
I keep my ammonia and nitrites low through water changes.
What was your ammonia reading? Did you test for nitrites and nitrates?
I would do a large water change to lower the ammonia and use Prime water conditioner or some type of conditioner that detoxifies ammonia and nitrites.
You may need to do daily water changes to keep the ammonia under .25 ppm, until the cycle kicks back in.
Do you have a friend with a healthy tank? You could use their filter media or gravel to help seed your cycle.

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What water test kit are you using?
I like the API liquid freshwater testing kit. Seem accurate, easy to use, and results in 5 minutes.
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the ammonia reading was off the chart. i'm thinking it's because our new filter hasn't had time to mature yet, but the old one completley stopped so we had to buy a new one. we did a 50% water change and have added both the chemicals we usually use, one of them specifically says the granules in it are for reducing nitrites. i didn't go in the shop, my husband did.

would some live plants help? apparently they 'use up' ammonia, or is it going to be more hassle than it's worth?
will the fish in their delicate state tolerate daily water changes?
thanks, mand x
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the petshop did it for us and we bought one the same as they use, API freshwater master test kit.
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They will tolerate daily water changes much better than living in toxins.
I have done fish cycles before, and there has been a few times that I changed out water twice in a day to keep ammonia and nitrites under .25 ppm. They all lived through it.
Live plants are always nice to have, but not necessary to keep a tank cycled. If your ammonia is off the chart, plants are not going to get the job done fast enough for you.
Lots of water changes...
Hopefully it will not take long and the cycle will kick back in. There should be some good bacteria in your gravel. The replacement of the filter and adding new fish, just threw the cycle off.
If you ever have to replace a filter again, keep the filter media wet and find a way to fit it in the new filter.
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What where the results of the test?
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about to do another test before bed, the fish are looking a little better not gasping anymore, water has also cleared a bit, we've turned the filter up (we had it turned down to half) and we've turned up our air stones to max. do we test for everything or save our chemicals and just test for ammonia for now until those levels start to drop?
mand x
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