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Help - Aggressive Neons and New Tank

This is a discussion on Help - Aggressive Neons and New Tank within the Characins forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> heya people. well i havent been on here in a few days, i have caught up with the posts. I have kind of sorted ...

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Help - Aggressive Neons and New Tank
Old 01-14-2011, 07:53 PM   #11
heya people.

well i havent been on here in a few days, i have caught up with the posts.

I have kind of sorted the tank problem.

My father has several aquariums and has had them since he was my age. Basically here is what was wrong:

1 - i over fed the fish pushing the ammonia leves through the roof.
2 - the neons had a rouge neon which i took back and all is settled and fine. they now leave the betta alone.
3 - o treated the white spot for 2 weeks total and it has all cleared up.
4 - The water got tested, i bought a master test kit also for my own use to keep an eye on things. Turns out my PH was at 7.6, nitrite and nitrate and ammonia were off the scale (sorry little fishies).
I went home and immidiately done a 50% water change, left it 2 days then done another 50% then two days later again (today) went to do a 30% but the gravel was so dirty as this is the 4th week i have had the tank i had to clean it out. I tried the gravel suction thing i had but the pet store sold me one that was too big and it was rubbish. it worked kinda, but it was sucking 50% of the water out in 30 seconds.
I called my dad and he said i could put the fish in my spare tank with some of the water from the main tank.
i transported them over and completely cleaned out the old tank. I know you shouldnt really empty it and take everything out, but it needed it. TRUST ME.
I cleaned the tank out completely, got the water temperature back up with treated clean water (nutrafin cycle and aqua plus) then transfered the fish back in once everything had settled. then i put some of the water from their old tank back into the main tank.

it turns out that the pet store i got the fish from is known to be absolutly manky....dirty....mokkit!
The fish seem happy, the neons are schooling again and are not picking on anything, the plec seems happy. The betta actually doesnt bother with the other fish at all.
leaving it a few weeks before any new fish....a few weeks at least!
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