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Good fish to mix with glofish tetra?

I have a 20 gallon tank, fully cycled. I've had 6 glofish tetras (which I understand are white skirt tetras) for a little over a month now. Sadly, one of them died this morning. I think it was sick ever since I got never seemed quite right. I check the water condition regularly, and it's always at an appropriate level. I'm trying to decide what I can add in with my 5 remaining tetras. Would more skirt tetras be best? Or another kind of tetra? Or something else entirely?

FWIW, the fish never seemed to school together. They all kind of keep to themselves. One of them is fairly aggressive and chases the others around when they get too close. I'm not sure how to handle that...

Any help would be appreciated!
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Hey, I'm a bit worried by the name 'glofish' tetras. Are they dyed? That would likely explain the one that died, and them not schooling, and the aggressive one, as they would be extremely stressed if they were dyed. If they are died then you are almost certain to lose the rest prematurely. Anyways, if they are dyed, dont get more. Get a non-dyed variety, neon tetras are always a favourite. I have 8 head and tail light tetras and love them, they are so much like little piranhas. Did you know that piranhas and tetras are both closely related? It's true. Back to your question, black neon tetras are nice fish too. If you haven't got any plants, then maybe you might get some? Tetras love them and feel much more secure in a planted tank, and they raise the water quality. If your just after looks, then maybe fake plants. The silk ones can look pretty real. I'm sure someone with more experience than both of us will chime in here. Cheers, Jim
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glow fish are gentically allterted fish with a jelly fish gene that causes them to glow in black light, its harmless they are not dyed or harmed by being genitcally alterd. I house mine with other colored skirts, fancy guppies, danios (you could to do the glow ones), cory cats there genrally pretty accepting but somtimes shy.
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ok, that clears that up.
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