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I've not seen babies or eggs...I maybe have too many clean up crew, ie cories.
Only my mollies and swordtails have the live births. I'm assuming the Tetras lay eggs?
And at $25 for 3 fish.... dang I would be selling them too!!

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In my community tank full of fish, there is not much chance of eggs surviving, but some species do. In this same tank I have 12 Emperor and Rainbow Emperor fry that are now about 1 inch in length that hatched in this same tank. I removed the parent fish some months ago and gave them away (males were causing havoc, as I've written about elsewhere). The fry started appearing and now they are basically mature and there are 12 or perhaps a few more. But Emperors are prolific spawners, and very hardy fish.

I have two Coral Red Pencilfish fry in the 33g, now about half an inch. The 7 adults spawn regularly, but so far these are the only fry I've seen. The adults completely ignore them now, so they are safe.

I've had fry from several other characins over the years. I let nature takes its course. In heavily planted tanks it is possible for a few eggs to survive, hatch, and then the fry can get plenty of plankton to eat among the thick plants.

I made an effort to raise the fry from my first spawnings of the Farlowella vittata a year ago, and three made it and are now in the 33g. I posted photos of the spawning and fry at various stages of growth at the time, if you want to dig out the thread (in the Freshwater and Tropical Fish section). The difficulty with these was feeding the fry; they must have fresh green algae. I tried spinach and zuchini, but I don't think they touched these. But these three found enough algae.


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I found it, all 10 pages lol took a while, but it was a neat read! It might have inspired me to rehome my cory eggs when they spawn. I dont raise fry to sell, we raise fry for ourselves to expand our populations. What is leftover, the LFS is usually happy to take off our hands. We often trade for frozen fish food, and supplies :)

If they did survive, its always nice to be able to offset the cost of the hobby! Especially something that sells as well as congos. I cant help but believe that if they spawn im getting another species tank... my girlfriend is the ambitious one She also reads the forums but doesnt post, which means im probably in trouble too, when she reads this!

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