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Can Panda Tetras and Tiger Barbs occupy the same tank?

I have 5 very active, nippy Panda Tetras that I am trying to rehome because they are way too nippy for my peaceful tank. The person who I may possibly give them to has 15 Tiger Barbs in his tank and asked me if they can be put in a tank with Tiger Barbs. I have no idea as I have never owned Tiger Barbs. Has anyone had both of these fish in a tank together?

I think the Panda Tetras can hold their own because they were little terrors in my tank but I want to make sure they will be okay in the tank with Tiger Barbs before I give them away.

Any info will be GREATLY apprecited.


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I can't vouch for the Pandas bc i've never had them. but I do have tiger barbs and tetras in my 75 gallon community. I think it depends on the size of the tank and having them in the right qty's.

The nippiest tetras i have in the tank would be my serpae tetras. I have 7 of them and had 7 green tiger barbs (one died a month back so down to 6 now). I've never had a problem with either.

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I had Serpae Tetras before. They were really only nippy within themselves. My other fish still were able to swim around but these Panda Tetras are a different story. My other fish were constantly hiding behind the plants and hardly ever came out because they were chasing them around. I finally had the sense to take the Panda Tetras out of the main tank and put them in a spare 10 gallon. I know they need more room than that due to their activity so I am trying to give them away to a good home locally.

I guess I'll let the person know that I really cannot say how they will be together and let him decide if he still wants them or not. I don't think Panda Tetras are that popular because not many people have them. Now I may know why!
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