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This is a discussion on buenos aires tetra within the Characins forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I had 2 of the Buenos Aires Tetras...they didn't last long in my tank either. Almost all of my gold fish were missing their ...

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Old 02-17-2009, 09:21 AM   #11
I had 2 of the Buenos Aires Tetras...they didn't last long in my tank either. Almost all of my gold fish were missing their fins and so was my scissor tail. Took those 2 back real quick like...after the hour it took for me to catch the darn things lol
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Old 03-31-2009, 01:18 PM   #12
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Alot of people are fooled by the word "tetra" when they see the Buenos Aires...........These guys are tough , hardy fish with a nasty disposition for nipping fins.............I have a small school in with a Jack Dempsey and a female convict and they do fine, but i wouldnt recommend them in any peaceful community tank, they will just create problems with nipping fins and relentless chasing
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Originally Posted by funnyfish View Post
I know this doesnt mean a lot but the LFS that we got the newt and the ADF had them both housed together about 20 ADF and 2 newts and they were completey in water .... Thats were we were told this info also anyway I am going to do more looking into this but if you see anything please let me know so I can find all my info I want them to have the best home possible... Thank you for your help.
I have kept (and bred) fire belly newts, never ACF. In my view, amphibians (newts and regular frogs/toads) belong in their own environment, not in with tropical fish. As okiemavis said, tropical is too warm and they need land to get out of the water. They might ocassionally nip at fish (they nip at each other), and some fish will probably nip them, which can cause disease if the skin is broken. The store may have to keep them in water but they should provide at least a large rock or piece of bogwood so they can get out and rest.

I had a pair of these newts (didn't know they were until the youngsters ("efts") appeared in the tank!) in 1985, and the last of their offspring died in 2006 when it managed to crawl out (I didn't think it could, but it squeezed through after all those years) and dehydrated in a corner before I could find it. It might still be alive if it hadn't got out--that's 21 years which is good lifespan. My newts (these and several other species) lived in a terrarium that I built from an aquarium with glass dividers siliconed across at angles and gravel in the back part (and some ferns and such) and water in the front. Kept at room temperature, newts lived 20+years, and an oriental fire-belly toad (misnomer, actually its a frog) was with them and he lived for 19 years.
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Old 03-31-2009, 06:10 PM   #14
i wrote a warning post titled "BUENOS ARIES WARNING" IT explains how i caught all but 1. It still lives in my tank tho is sadly alone, it tries to school with each group but no one will have it. These fish ARE WORSE in large schools ! believe me.They are much more braisen that way.
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