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Blue tetra "dance"?

I have 7 cochu's blue tetra in my tank at the moment and boy are they characters!

However, I do have a quick question about their behavior. Of course they are very active and swim all over the mid to upper part of the water column. BUT! I noticed something very strange and kinda fun to watch... As soon as i turn off my lights (and my moon lights come on) every single one of the blue tetra shoots to the waters surface and swims right at the surface of the water. A few of them even seemed to sort of jump out a little bit (I have a hood no worries!). They've been doing this for about 15 minutes so far tonight.. makes me wish I had better night vision!

Is this normal? Its almost like theyre doing some kind of weird tetra dance when the lights go out. Ive never seen any fish do this before.
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Could indicate shock from going from light to dark too quickly. Fish prefer a lights to dim gradually (to simulate the sun setting I guess). You can do this by having a light on near the fish tank when the tank lights go out for a little while
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I guess that does make sense, haha. I'll try that tonight and see how it goes, thanks!
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I have a light with three way switch and another with switch to turn on one, two or three bulbs. I turn this on before switching out the tank lights. Then as I sit and watch I switch the lights down one level at a time. At the last light I feed my Pleco a sinking algae/vegie wafer. Wait another 5 minutes before turning it all off.
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I agree with the posted suggestions. This behaviour is shock/stress from the sudden light loss. Light (daylight or lamps) in the room is necessary when tank lights come on or go off. They will still swim toward the light, but calmly.

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