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Yellow Belly Catfish

I was wondering if anyone here has every kept a yellow belly catfish in their tank. I'm sure the scientific name of this fish. I know its a local catfish in my area. Mosly found in streams. Its a small catfish with a yellow belly. Anyhow I was wondering if its a waste to throw in a tank. I love catfish. I love catfish in general, just always thought they had a different look to them. Any thoughts?
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Do you perhaps mean Ameiurus natalis?

They like cooler temperatures so not so suitable for tropical tanks. Anything much above 20 degrees is not tolerated and temperatures as low as 10 degrees will be fine. Suitable for ponds as long as winters are mild. They get pretty big nut not agressive that I know off. A tank of 150g would be enough I thbnk.

They also prefer sandy bottoms.
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Im not sure, I know as a child i would catch them out of the local stream. They were not large in size. The largest i had caught was around 4 inches. I know they are known for over populating ponds and destroying the natural prey of other fish, and over tanking ponds. I was not aware that they had gotten so large. I may be mistaken.
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Look up the name I gave on google and see if they look to be the same fish.

I believe they will get to about 16" fully grown if indeed we are talking about the same fish.
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You are right! That is the fish. I have never seen them that large before. Weird. I use to catch these little guys all the time, and never got one over 4 inches. But you are right that is the fish :)
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Look through some of the links on google and you'll get some more info on them. My info was limited, as is my knowledge of them. So it'll give you a better idea of what they need and size they will grow to.
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