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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
I would agree that the filtration is fine right now, as the fish are probably still small. Adding the HOB is better than nothing and certainly buys you time, so it's not a pressing need. But, tick toc tick toc...
I am of the mindset that you buy equipment first and then fish second. If you can't afford to upgrade the filter now, who's to say you will when you need to? So to me, any money spent on additional fish (that will just bring you closer to that day, at a faster rate) should be saved to buy the equipment you need.

I would suggest this. I have 4 of them - 2 of that size, and one each of the smaller 2.


I think you are right about the emerald corys not being eaten, but I do wonder if they are tough enough to handle the adult fish.

I am on board with concern's about Emerald cory's and fishes listed in OP's signature when they reach adult size.
Perhap's the Giant Danio's will deflect attention away from the cory's but I would not be surprised if they became target's for aggressive behaivor's from the fish mentioned as the cichlid's approach adult size.
Hence my suggestion earlier of larger Synodontis species.
Have seen large pleco's with various degree's of damage inflicted by the fishes mentioned in OP's tank and these are about as tough as they come.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Yeah I started to think about the emeralds. But I will give them a shot, to see how they play out. They have done a good job so far, and if it all doesnt play out right then I can easily adopt them out or give them to a fellow fish keeper. Everything seems to be going good so far, now I just have to work on getting tht algae eater out. Have had him in therw from the start but hes got to go from all the horror stories I have been hearing.
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Pictus catfish. They don't really take up alot of space because they are bottom dwellers.

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Already got he cats in there. I have 4 brochis splendens and 1 stripe raphael cat. I tried the pictus cats, but as soom as i put them in there they were immediatly harrassed. In fact one died, will not do that again.
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