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Smile What will live with my South American Bumblebee catfish?

I've got 2 South American Bumblebee cats (Microglanis Iheringi). I have had another type in the past I think they were African Bumblebee cats (they looked like they were wearing camo), they were very peaceful and kept the fry undercontrol. Well these 2 new ones have killed both my big sailfin mollies, and attack the glass if you walk by. Has anyone ever had fish do this? And does anyone know what can live with them? The sites I've looked at said angelfish, large community fish. I'm afraid to put Angels in with them and they killed mollies that were 1/2" longer thatn they were. Please help.
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are you sure thats what your keeping all i find is that they are not aggressive but will eat tank mates smaller then them especially at night.

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Yeah Thats What I've found too

Yeah thats what I've found too. And yeah thats what I've got,I thought that maybe they sold me something else. But the photos, markings and names all match. The woman I got them from has 2 in her tank that live with tetras. It surprized her that mine ate my sailfins. These guys are so aggressive that you walk by my tank and they attack the glass. I've got a dwarf gourami in my pond thats just as aggressive, think that they will live together? Or should I move them to a 29 gal tank. Their in a 46 gal now.

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could be an asian bumblee bee catfish: http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog...species_id=708

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Originally Posted by isimek View Post
They look closer to the S.A. Bumble bee cat. I caught the DG (see last post) in the pond and she and the cats get along great, lol Now I have 3 fish that attack the glass.
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