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Hmmm, 2 contrasting shaols - albino and sterbai? didn't think of that... Could look nice, could look very nice. Only thing that worries me is that i'm bot sure that the setup i've got in there at the moment allows for enough hiding space for 10-15 fairly large bottom dwellers... how much in the way of hideyholes do they all like, would two biggish caves, 1 for each shoal do, or would i need to have lots of little ones for each fish?

Thanks a lot for all the comments folks, i'm a bit of a newbie with cories so it's all helpful to make this tank my best yet!
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MS, on the hiding places, they'll hide in groups. I have a slate ledge that my bandits like to hang out under, and I'll sometimes see as many as five of them lined up like parked VW beetles under there.

An aesthetic consideration, if these are for the new tank you put up pix of. My 55 with all the cories in it has black gravel. The Albinos show up really well, and the Bandits too, but the Sterbas tend to fade into the substrate. They're quite pretty and cool and everything, but they display best over a lighter background. If you really want a reticulated cory, then C. trileatus, julii, leopardus, aggassazii, or any number of others that have a lighter background color might serve better.

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Thank you!

I do agree- take the color of the substrate into consideration too. I tend to forget the substrate regardless of the question. I forget that not everyone has natural colored gravel like me! Duh!

They do like to hide in groups, but they don't need caves. Low bushy plants that provide "shade" are the best way to describe what mine like. I do have a cave, but they prefer the plants (artificial). I use both real and artificial plants.

The plants are positioned in the front corner so they can still be seen by us when they hide.


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Hmm. I hadn't thought about the coulour of my substrate, i just got it cos it looked nice, and i'd heard that a dark substrate brougt out the colours of the fish nicely... I'll bear that in mind when it's time to choose. Having gone through all these options i have to say that my choice will mostly be influenced by what is available at the LFS when i get there! but you've all given me some awesome ideas for them, adn i'll have to work on getting some low bushy plants in there to give the little blighters somewhere to chill.

By the way, i loce the image of the cories lined up like VW's, nicely poetic somehow!
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Two Items:

1) I "have a ton" of hiding places (not even including the plants) and my sterbai use none of them. They are always playing at all depths or cleaning the bottom.

2) I researched substrate color before I set up my aquarium.
I determined that a beige substrate surface was "what I would like" (which is what most of substrate surface selection is about).
I have seen black and it is very, very impressive
a) does not "highlight" many fish and
b) reflects no light.

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