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What cory?

Im thinking of getting 3 or 4 cories in my 20 gallon tank. I want one that is hardy and will stay small since im still a begginer. Any suggestions?
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I like the albino cory, we have had two for almost a year now in my daughters tank they do great. Very fun to watch
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Is their such thing as a dwarf cory?
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There are two species of smaller cory (actually, there are more than that, but there are two that are easy to find): C. Hasborus (Dwarf Cory) and C. pygmaeus (Pygmy Cory). They are both toxically cute. I have a dozen pygmies in a 20 high with 8 neons, some ottos, and a small bulldog pleco. They love to hang out on plant leaves. Couple of things about the little ones: they are still mostly bottom dwellers, but they get into the midwater a lot more than the bigger cories. Also, they prefer to be in large groups. Regular cories you should have at least 4 to get true cory behavior, the smaller ones at least 6. When I was reading up on pygmies, I found that they would school in the hundreds.

The plus side of this is that, for the space 3 full sized cories take up, you can house 9 pygmies - they top out at an inch.

What else have you got in that tank?

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zebra danios,

i just tested my ph and i have a ph of 7.8, what cories can take that since i heard they are mainly acidic animals
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Re: What cory?

Originally Posted by musho3210
Im thinking of getting 3 or 4 cories in my 20 gallon tank. I want one that is hardy and will stay small since im still a begginer. Any suggestions?
Eight months ago I was a beginner also.

I had researched the literature and had decided that I should include sterbai in my aquarium.

The seven have survived all of my mistakes.


As noted in previous posts a single cory is not a happy camper.

A cory will only enjoy being in a group of their species.

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