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Treating pygmy cory tail rot?


I have 7 pygmy corys in a quarantine tank. They've been in there since Wednesday. Just now I noticed that one of them has lost its tail fin; it practically has no more tail. The other fins look fine.

I cannot say for certain when this happened, because I haven't been looking at each of them very closely, but the cory's lack of a tail was so obvious when I looked at the tank just now that I find it hard to believe that I could have missed it over the past two days. I know at least that when I got them all from the fish store, they all had tails.

I have changed their water more than 50% twice since Wednesday, as the tank they're in isn't cycled and it's a bit small for that number (5.5 gal).

Anyway I don't have a spare tank on hand, so I put her in a plastic container with a low water level since she seems to be having trouble swimming. It's a very small container, though.

How do I go about treating this? Could it be anything else besides tail rot? Should I do anything to the larger tank with the rest of them?
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Hmm.. I think you should just go ahead and put her back in the tank. Are the other cories bothering him/her? I think it's okay to leave the cory back in to recover along with the other cories. Just keep up with the daily water changes and it should be fine. :) Good luck.
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They're not bothering her, I think. She seems otherwise completely fine, just that she can't swim as well, so I was worrying that she might not be able to reach the surface to gulp air. But I turned my airstone up on high and they like playing in the bubbles so I think it should be ok. Thanks! So there's no need for any treatment, and the tail will grow back on its own?
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:) Yep, the tail should be able to grow back in time with clean water.
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If it is a bacterial infection, you can treat the fish in the hospital tank with Tetracycline. That works very well and arrests bacterial infections within a day or two. And then you do water changes to get things back to normal.

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Clean water is always the best treatment for fin rot. Meds are almost never necessary unless it produces a secondary infection.
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Okay, thanks for the help!
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