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anyone else with comments? I'd really appreciate it :) researching it all is great, but it's expert opinions i value the most.
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i have a single pictus in a fifty gallon tank. i found that angels zebra danios work well. as well as live breeders such as swordtails and mollies. make sure to have a good hiding spot.
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I have my Pictus in my 135 gallon with American cichlids and they actually do well together. My Pictus stay near the bottom and never swim mid or upper level so I would think Giant Danios would be a good fit since the Danios swim more in the upper level. I've not tried any of the tetras with them but I'm about to add a school of Buenos Aires tetra.

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My Two pictus cats named miss and jiff are in my 36 gallon bow with platies and mollies. They do fine and somewhat keep the population down. The adult mollies and platies do fine with them.
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you want shiny fish, right? You could do a few silver dollars, and the angels are not a good idea because the activity levels are way different compared to a picture. pictus. Cichlids, you could do a convict and a firemouth, possibly an ebjd as well. Bala sharks are also a good choice.
I have successfully kept all with pictures cats, in fact next to the 4 line pimedollas, they are my favorite cats.
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Well not necessarily "shiney" just colorful. I don't care much for solid colored fish or fairly toned down colors (makes you wonder why i don't just do a saltwater huh XD) so not all to big on silver dollars. I have thought of cichlids before but just wasn't sure on what types. Thank you :)
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Well africans are always a good type to start with if you've never done cichlids before. I would start out with a yellow lab or acei.
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I have the Roberts tetra, or Rosy Tetra, and they stay in the bottom 1/4th of my 29 gallon aquarium. They come up to feed, and go right back down. The top half of my aquarium is empty. Great fish though. I love them. I have 1 that has an attitude towards the other tetras but leave the other fish alone.

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