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sterbai cory's with fin rot

I'm wondering if anyone might have suggestions about some of my cory's that have fin rot.
They're in a community tank with a pH of around 7.2-7.4 and 0 ammonia/nitrite. It's heavily planted, and they get a mix of food from brine shrimp/bloodworms/tubeworms/algae wafers etc....

They have all had reduced fins for a months and I can't figure out what to do to help them regrow. I've tried melafix and microbe-lift artemiss with little to no success. Two out of the six have fully healed but the remaining four showed no signs of recovery.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I don't have a tank to isolate them in because I live in a small apartment so space is limited. I could get a small 5g for my bedroom, but I don't really want to go bigger because moving is a pain already with the tanks I have. Would 6 cory's do OK in something like an eclipse or fluval edge 5g?

Thanks for the help!
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I don't know, but I think you could put the cories in a small tank temporarily if you needed to dose them with something. If you've seen that video that Byron posted with the cories all in a huge school in the wild, being in close quarters doesn't seem to be something that would bother them. My cories are happy to sit closely side-by-side. You'd need to watch the water quality but I don't think they'd be stressed out by going into the small tank.

I've recently looked at the Fluval Edge and think that it's unsuitable for an isolation/treatment tank. There's only a small area through which you can access the tank so cleaning it properly after the treatment is over would not be as easy as with a "normal" tank (it looks like it'd be a real pain in the neck, to be honest). Also, if I put fish in there, I would not want to have to try to get them back out through the tank opening. A "normal" tank would be much easier to retrieve the fish after treatment.
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Yeah that's a good call, it's going to be hard enough getting em out of the tank I have them in now!

Anyone else have any ideas as to why this could be happening?
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