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24" long x 7" tall x 12" deep = 8.72 US gallons. Take a look at this link: . Plug in your numbers and switch it to inches and US gallons, and you get 8.72 gallons. You would have a bit more than 13 if you used 12" for the height.

I still don't get why you need to cut off 5" for an internal filter. Just cut off something in the back and put in a good HOB filter.

No offense, but I really dont like the decor in that tank. It looks like a little kid went through your kitchen and put stuff in the tank.
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Filled up to 7", to the nearest whole gallon, the tank/tub holds 9 US gallons.
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so confusing

but is the container going to be sturdy enough, and by the way thats a picture from an online site i was going to purchase it because it way cheaper than a tank
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I guess it looks decently sturdy. Plastic, right?

The only thing I would be concerned abotu would be like little kids coming and touching it, messing with it, etc. And the clarity of the inside wouldn't be the best.

I would just handle it with extreme care to make sure it doesn't bend, or even snap.
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You would probably find that buying a used tank fomr local papers of craigslist would work out just as cheap, and would be much more enjoyable for you to have.
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ill try craigs list but have any of you used glass cages they seem really cheap?[/u]
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Glass cages aren't waterproof. The sealant isn't as good so it would leak.

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no like!!!!!!!!!!
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i wouldnt recomend even what they say for cories in this tank. as the dimensions u gave werent of the space that would be under water.. I have this tank and not even half of it would lie under water... as the majority is resesed and designed for newts and frogs.... (small turtles when young)

But if Your patient and have friends who keep tanks then u might be able to get some free tanks of good size. Only tnkas (that keep fish) that i ever payed for were 10 gallons... i got 29, and 55 gallon tanks for free with complete setup (good sized chiclids in the 29 [over stocked and fish had out grown it..])... If You are patient then ull find something on craigslist and such. You can even try ebay... If ur in the right area's ebay has good deals.

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