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Pygmy Corries in 10 Gall?

So. My 10 gallon is in need of a new stocking list, and I've been trying to figure something great out. I really love pygmy corries and I hope to have a small shoal of 7-8? Would that be too much for a 10 gall? I plan on planting it mildly with the flowing....

LOTS of java fern
- anubias nano
- floating elodia
- marmio ball cut and tied to driftwood
and I have some sort of strange floating light green plant that looks like tiny clovers...

There will also be lots of bogwood and stones set up so there will be hiding places(;

What other fish would work well with them? I kind of wanted one "centerpeice fish" like a single honey gourami and maybe 6 mosquito rasboras? I'm not sure how it would work out. I have a similar thread up elsewhere but since the corries are one definite fish I want I thought I'd ask here too.
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could get more
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Pygmy Cory is fine in a 10g; a group of 8-9 is good.

I would not however consider any gourami, except for a group (5) of pygmy sparkling gourami. The other species are not advisable in such a small space for reasons explained in our profiles.

The Mosquito Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) or any of the similar species in this genus are good, excellent in small tanks as they tend to get lost in anything over a 10g. A group of 9 would be best; in my experience they do much better in larger groups. I actually had them in with 7 pygmy Cory for several months, in a 10g. I think there's still a photo of that tank under "Aquariums" below my name on the left. You could include another shoaling fish, something like Dario dario, as well.

One other thing, a sand substrate works better with the pygmy corys. They sift sand through their gills as they root around the substrate, and gravel doesn't always work with the dwarf species of Cory. Playsand is what I use, it is very inexpensive. Takes a lot of rinsing to get it reasonably clean, but worth it when you see the corys rooting through it.


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gravel is okay with pygmy cories, but i also do prefer sand over gravel for this situation
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