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Poor corys

This is a discussion on Poor corys within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Byron , Thanks,for the info regarding David Sands. I too did some googling after your mention of Mr. Sands. I find this to be ...

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Byron ,
Thanks,for the info regarding David Sands. I too did some googling after your mention of Mr. Sands.
I find this to be a perplexing problem. Is suggested that lifespan of Jullii corydoras is 3 to 5 years,Perhaps they are approachig senior citizen status like myself.
I find it quite odd that Kuhlii loaches and YoYo loaches seem unaffected, but then they aren't kept in the same tank but over same substrate in other tanks.
Some suggest that a lack of current flow along or near the bottom is,or could be,, contributing factor..
Yesterday, I lowered the temp to 74 degrees from 77 degrees F and performed a 50 percent water change although my nitrAtes tested at 10 ppm. I also placed a powerhead at the bottom of the 56 gal tank that is filtered with an Emperor 280 and a Hydro V sponge filter. I am going to change 50 percent of the water twice a week for a while and vaccum one half the substrate (fine gravel) at each change, and observe for a while. Funny thing ,,after the water change, Corys began spawning activity. They eat as always ,and remain active but I am just as likely to wake up to a dead cory if symptoms hold true to form.
I also have seen this anomally? with other species of corydoras over the years but until now,, I have simply replaced the fish when they expired.
I am going to purchase another group of the julii if I can and perhaps use them as control group in as close to same enviornment as I can except for current along the bottom (not a scientist) ,,And study all of them. Perhaps I will stumble upon a common denominator (or not) ,,that will help me to understand possible contributers.
Have nixed the idea of reverse flow UG filtration for I really don't want to take down the 75 gal that holds as of this moment ,approx 40 baby long finned albino Bristlenose,long finned Blue Danios,and glowlight tetras. This is also the tank i wish to once again set up with plants come spring.
For now,, I shall try the twice or three weekly water changes , along with the additional current along the bottom and gravel vaccuming and see what benefits are realized. Those I have corresponded with thus far ,are of a mind that the fishes can and do carry on quite well in clean enviornment,with or without barbels but it troubles me just the same. Catfish just look funny without their barbels,kinda like a tall skinny guy like myself ,in shorts.
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These all may be accompanying factors but I doubt its the "trigger". I house Cory's for 10+yrs now and I always had very LOW flow set ups (because being planted) always done w/c 1x week (unless something happened that asked for more) and I only always vacuum the areas up front where I feed them and the back's in any tank are always mulm built up. And I never in no tank had any add powerhead or alike for the bottom.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there's gotta be *something* else in your's & Byron set ups causing this if the above where the only factors then I'd see the issue too, specially with my grandpa's and I don't so there's something missing there.
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I have had a couple of corys without barbels, and they did continue same as the others. In my case it was the sterbai that perished as you described, although of course that may have been due to quite another problem unknown; it was as I mentioned a fairly new setup.

Plants should help, corys are very sensitive fish to all sorts of things. It really is odd that they are so plentiful in their native waters, given their extreme sensitivity to chemicals and parameters, but then the native waters are probably more stable and "cleaner" than we know. In the 1990's Dr Sands went up creeks by canoe where no non-native had ever been before and discovered several new Corydoras species, and found them in the hundreds, each creek had its own distinct species. The C. adolfoi group were his major finds, not C. adolfoi itself, which Adolfo Schwartz discovered some 10 years previous, but the related species C. duplicareus, C. serratus, C. amadajanea, C. davidsandsi, and many others.

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Old 02-25-2010, 11:06 AM   #14
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Has either one of you ever worked with dried banana plant leaves in these very tanks with the cory issue?
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Old 02-25-2010, 11:15 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by Angel079 View Post
Has either one of you ever worked with dried banana plant leaves in these very tanks with the cory issue?
Can't say I have. Wouldn't know where to find em. Only bananna's I see are on store shelves, sans leaves. Have used oak and beech leaves.
Are you speaking of the little bannna plants that some place in aquariums?
I think you must be. I'm curoius.

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Old 02-25-2010, 11:35 AM   #16
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No no not these lil plant thins there

Here's a link that explains it fairly well; thou its external link I assume its OK to post as its for informational purposes; otherwise Byron can remove the link if its against Forum standards

Banana leaves*-*DRAK-Aquaristik

Edit: The breeders I dealt with while overseas swear on that stuff being a very preventive method for all sorts of sicknesses in the tank (which may be also a factor while I never had ich sick fish there vs here I donno) but there sure is something to it that works wonders on fish I can tell you that. Reason I like it is because it works and its not 'harsh' meds in the tank but a more natural medication if you know what I mean.
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