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Pleco ID please??

Hi, I got two of these from a friend, she doesn't remember where she got them, and I am having trouble figuring out what type of pleco they are. Anyone know?
Notice the extension on the tail fin, also the fins are very defined (banded). It's head has a squiggly pattern, and I have yet to see any definitive 'hair' (heavy odontodal growth) if I have a male, but it looks slightly hairy on a least one of them, I think. This is the best pic I have so far, taken at night with a flash. Let me know if full size pics are needed.

Thanks in advance.
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Looks like a Clown Pleco.
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Thanks. Yes, I think it is either a clown or some kind or tiger, I was just looking at pics online for reference though, and wondered if anyone knew for sure. How the predominant stripes are not perfectly spaced, some 'half stripes' near the belly area, and some lighter ones near the head. The fins seem rather opague, not translucent at all, and his/her head does not match the body. Could be all individual traits, the two types seem so close, just wondered if there was a way to tell the difference for certainty?
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How big is it?
I own both the clown and a tiger.. Looks more like a clown pleco because of the color. The tigers are a larger pleco then the clown.

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I just measured the distance between the bottom of that piece of driftwood and the tip of the leaf, and it measures just over 5". so I'd say he was 5" from tail tip to head. When I researched it, it usually said they were about the same size. I snapped a pic of the other one, a bit smaller and fatter (I think), I know he/she doesn't look very pretty there, and it's a bad shot, but this pic was taken in daylight (aquarium lighting) and no flash. I feel the colour was altered because the pic was taken in the dark essentially. The colour would be the 'flash' light.

This is perfect though, you are exactly the person I was looking for, someone who has both fishes, thank you. My friend had one pretty pricey blue phantom pleco, so I wouldn't put it past her to pay a bit for these, but they could most certainly be clown plecos too, they are fairly available here.
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You have a type of tiger then .. Clown plecos are very small . They are a dwarf pleco . Supposedly up to 3inches but I've never seen one larger then 2inches .
My tiger pleco is L002 . They do have the squiggly pattern on their head. Are a bit bigger . I think they grow to 4 inches maybe .. Mine is more black and white in color but some certainly are colored like yours. There are a couple different types of tiger plecos but I can't recall their names . So that's my educated guess as to what you have .

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Wow, I didn't know clown plecos were so tiny, very cute. It seems when I research them, I come up with all different specs for the two, I think the two species are often confused anyway. I appreciate your input, if I find anything else out, I will keep posting here :)
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Yeah my clown is full grown at only 1.5 inches and my bf has one too and his is full grown at 2inches. Very silly plecos.. both the clown and tiger.

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