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here it says you need a 29g tank
this website says you need 20 -30g tank

howver, i have a 15g
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kudos to you for doing ya research mate, i wish more people would do the same when it came to buying plecos rather than bung a potentially foot long + fish in a goldfish bowl.

pitbulls are great mate, loads of character and certainly more active than clowns ime, here is a pic of mine to wet your appetite!!

there's a storm a coming........
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what does he do? personality? does it swim or hide? does it need bogwood?
thanks xingumike!!

yeah, i do my research first and then come to a fish forum to see peoples experiences and advise ro see if it is the right thing to do. thanks everyone so far!!

has anyone else have any experiences of pitbulls and do you think that what i want to stock is ok with good maintenence?
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i have both clown and pitbull and the pitbull is much more active, always swimming around the tank, whereas the clown tend to find a spot and stay there.

Doesnt need wood like the clown no.

One thing i might see as being a problem if you get a group of pitbulls is the interaction with the 4 cories with you being fairly limited in floor space, mine isn't aggresive but certainly sticks up for himself even when faced with much bigger plecos. were you thinking of a group of pitbulls or just one?

oh and apart from that your stocking looks fine to me so far

and your welcome :D

there's a storm a coming........
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i was thinking of just having one but if they want to be in a pair i could just get 3 peppered instead of 4?
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are they ok on their own or is there a significant difference if they are in a group?

if i have 2 does that mean i will have to have 3 peppered cories
and if i have 1 can i have my 4 peppered cories??
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