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Please Help - Can't Keep Plecos Alive!

This is a discussion on Please Help - Can't Keep Plecos Alive! within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Originally Posted by Ajones108 I add the Prime to my water before I add it to the tank :) What confuses me is that ...

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Please Help - Can't Keep Plecos Alive!
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Originally Posted by Ajones108 View Post
I add the Prime to my water before I add it to the tank :)

What confuses me is that the second ABN I bought WAS in a cycled, established tank with filtration and still dropped off. No one at my LFS has heard of a pleco suddenly bleeding from its gills and dying within 15 minutes. Which is why I put these two in an unestablished QT.

Learning from this experience, would it be best to establish a a cycled, planted QT tank for new arrivals? I thought the purpose of a QT tank was to be able to see if the fish is passing food properly and eating properly, and that's hard to do with a planted/graveled tank.
Fishes should be placed in water at least as good as that in the tank they are going into.
Previous fish died in established tank under your mother's care while you were away if I have read correctly.How are you so certain as to what condition's may have been while you were away?
I would wonder if ammonia level's could have become elevated in the tank at some point prior to your return? Is easy for this to happen if possible overfeeding took place, or water changes were not performed as regularly (weekly).
Cannot rule out that fish was sick when purchased and succumed for reason's unknown.
I keep a sponge filter going in one of my tanks at all times so that when I need to set up quarantine tank,,I can move the already established sponge to the quarantine tank and with careful monitoring,,not see ammonia level's rise to stressful/lethal level's.
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