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Pictus Catfish

This is a discussion on Pictus Catfish within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Ok I have some questions about Pictus Catfish. I have had this thing for some time now. He's been an ok fish and just ...

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Pictus Catfish

Ok I have some questions about Pictus Catfish. I have had this thing for some time now. He's been an ok fish and just lives in a "mountain" cave in my 55g. Last week I noticed Im missing a Glo-Fish, GONE nowhere to be found, he about 1in long! Ok 10$ fish just disappeared.... So today I sitting next to my tank and the pictus and my pleco are both belly to the glass so I snap a few photo's and notice that my Pictus seems bloated. While I'm sitting there I see that I am missing 2 Blood Fin Tetra's which are about 2in long, NOW I BEGIN TO WONDER..... Did that @#$#%$#%$# eat them? Everything I read they are peacful?! Could it be that he ate these fish?!
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Pitcus are peaceful, but like most fish, they will eat a smaller fish if it fits in their mouth.
I have had a few fish to go missing my self, always at night when the catfish would be on the prowl.
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mine ate quite a few small fish when she awas about 9 months old and it started with glowfish. They eat the colorful fish at night because they're bright and catch thier eye.I actually caught the cat lunging towards a glowfish!!!
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yep. Pictus Catfish are Pimelodids...famous for eating anything
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