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I'm torn between the pictus and the clown loach as my bottem feeders. I like corys, but I have a feeling that were I to go with the pictus, they wouldn't make it.

How well would a pictus and a pair of clown loaches fair? It's a 58 with larger-bodied tetras, gouramis, and eventually angels. 36 (long) x 21 (high) x 18(wide).

It does have a rather large assortment of fake plants, potentially an amazon sword.
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honestly i've kept pictus with almost anything...including a clown loach and cories. As the pictus nears adult size though there is a potential threat to the cories but I hardly consider the pictus an aggressive fish. They do have very sharb fins on the side than can potentially damage a fish. In that size of a tank though I don't see any reason why you wouldnt be able to do any combination of the fish you want. Pictus will not strictly be a botton feeder though, they are very active fish that run all over the tank. If you want strictly a bottom feeder that will keep the gravel clean of uneaten foods, a small group of cories is ideal.

Mike H
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I know my pictus cats feed at the surface and use their whiskers to skim the surface and funnel food into their mouths. They are a very active fish, but mostly at duck and night.
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yup, mine used to do that too. They'd swim upside down and skim the surface for flakes. My pleco does that too even...so weird, lol.

Mike H
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I've spent time watching them =) I wanted all three, simply because corys are such fantastic little guys, the clown loach has amazing color, and the pictus, such movement!
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