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I'm going to be setting up a new aquarium for cycling and have been thinking about what to add to it. The aquarium is older, but looks solidly built. It's bigger than a 29, but not quite as long as a 55, so I'm thinking it's about 40 gallons.

I plan on stocking it with:
a school of around 6 Purple Passion Danios
3 bala sharks
a common pleco
2 kribs, which I will move there from their current home
and I was thinking about pictus catfish

I read at first that pictus always did better in groups of 3 or more, but recently I've read reports of pictus becoming aggressive towards their own species and more territorial as they age. Anyone seen this behavior? Any advice on the number of fish I should get? If I need a group, I'll leave the bala sharks out of the mix.
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You can keep one pictus however the tank is beyond overstocked because you chose two fish, balas and common plecos that can outgrow the tank with ease regardless of the filtration and accommodations. I'd suggesting ditching those two of the list. Just to let you know, some pictus have the potential to reach 6 inches and over and may gobble your smaller fish. I'd be wary with the fish being selected. I'd suggest abandoning the plan to get pictus and stick with other catfish instead.

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I had a pictus a while back and he was the most active fish i have ever come across. I wouldn't suggest one for a 40g. Not so much because of the size as such, but because of the sze in combination with the activity level. they are a beautiful fish though, and I can see hwy you like them.

I'm with Lupin on the suggestion to ditch the common plec and the balas. They will simply grow much too big. There are a number of other plecs that won't grow so big. Clown and BN are 2 that come to mind. And instead of the balas, if you like the sharky look why not try torpedo barbs?
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I hadn't heard of torpedo barbs; I just did some quick research and found out that they also go by Denison Barb. These fish are expensive! I've never seen them at any fish store, and to have them shipped from liveaquaria.com will run me $24 small/$40 large per fish. These suckers apparently also reach six inches in length, so I think I can scratch them off my list as well.

So if I ditch the pleco or get a smaller one, keep the danios, keep the kribs, what else could I put in there if I'm looking for something to fill the role of a Bala or Pictus (i.e. something active that will patrol the whole tank)?
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I'm cory obsessed myself, so I'd recommend a shoal of 4-6 corys. They're really cute fish, and they cruise around a tank in their group checking everything out. It's incredibly cute when they decide that something in the tank needs cleaning and all get down to work on it.
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I've got a new pictus. Most of the time he just chills in his castle that he took over. But during feeding time he's a lawn mower, zipping around the tank grubbing everything.
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Pictus Catfish staying against the glass

Hey guys...done some searching and haven't been able to find the answer to this. I just got a new pictus catfish from my LFS and he keeps swimming along the top of the tank and stays against the glass. He is in a 55 gallon tank with about 15 other small fish. He won't stop swimming but will not leave the glass!! The tank has been up for about 2 months now and my water testing kit is on its way here. Any ideas?

Please help! :)
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Perfectly normal pictus behavior, especially in a youngster. How long has he been in the tank and what size is he??

PS. What type of other fish are in the tank with him??

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He has been in the fore 2 days and is about 3" long. Other fish include 2 buenos aires tetras, red fire gourami, 2 bala sharks, 3 male guppies, 5 goldfish, 1 pleco, 2 oto's , 2 snails, 1 marigold, 1 molly, 1 ghost catfish, and 2 little guys that I can't remember what they are lol
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Originally Posted by Scooter Scott View Post
He has been in the fore 2 days and is about 3" long. Other fish include 2 buenos aires tetras, red fire gourami, 2 bala sharks, 3 male guppies, 5 goldfish, 1 pleco, 2 oto's , 2 snails, 1 marigold, 1 molly, 1 ghost catfish, and 2 little guys that I can't remember what they are lol
The goldfish will outgrow the tank; they're also cold-water fish that may not be appropriate for its present tankmates. As mentioned by Lupin, the bala sharks and pleco (assuming it's the common variety) will also grow too large for the tank, even if it's a 55.

The tetras and ghost catfish would need company, as these are schooling & shoaling fish. The ghost catfish in particular is a nervous fish; more so if it's on its own with all those other fish.

You really should consider separating the small fish from the bigger fish (like the pictus), as the pictus is a carnivore and will eat the smaller fish (the guppies and, perhaps, the "little" guys).
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