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Peppered Cory Cats not moving


Yes I know I am comming off as a big worry wort... but I am.. so here goes.

today 2 of my 6 Cory Cats have been just lying in one spot for a very long type. They are alive, I can see them moving, but they are just lying there.

The other 4 are active as usual. All 6 are usually active.

I read on another site that the two not moving might be females, because they tend to lie in one spot on not move from time to time, but I am no expert and have no idea if this is true.

Today I added a small Canister filter (only rated for a 20 gallon, on my 29g) to back up my HOB filter, because I didn't think there was enough filtration or biological media.
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im pretty sure they'll be fine. a couple of my 8 cories do that sometimes too. if something worsens then its time to post and see what people come up with
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Its time to measure your water parameters. If you have any ammonia or nitrites it can affect fish in general and make them less active. I put a betta by himself into a new 45 gallon thinking that he would take forever to make the water deteriorate but I was wrong. A few days later he was almost looking like he was sleeping on the bottom of the tank. A little testing showed that I was starting to get some low levels of ammonia. I did a quick 50% water change and he came right out of it. He got put into a cycled tank shortly after that and is doing great but it reminded me of why we ae so careful about water quality.
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oh BTW what all do you have in the 29???
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Tank has

8 Albino X-Ray Tetra's
6 Peppered Cory Cats
1 Betta
1 Clown Pleco
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