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I'll give you my standard spiel on this subject.

Never buy an inhabitant to do a "job" in your tank. Be it plant or animal buy them because you like them and want to see them in the tank, not because you think they'll provide some kind of benefit. Never forget that they're animals and they're animals out of their natural habitat. An Otto may or may not eat the kind of algae you have. They may or may not be sufficient to keep it trimmed down. They may or may not learn that the food you supply the tank is a heck of a lot less work to get than the algae you're expecting them to eat. There may or may not be sufficient algae in the tank for your ottos to survive off it alone.

Sadly, there are no answers for any of these questions, none. So you have to be prepared for the worst case, which is that the ottos will show absolutely no interest in your algae. Do you still want them? If the answer is no then don't get them. You can and should control algae through other means.

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I got four little ottos, right out of the shipping box and held them in my qt tank for 24 hours. I knew there wouldn't be close to enough algae in that temporary tank to feed them for two weeks and they had no interest in my algae wafes so I went ahead and put them in my community tank where they're very happy cleaning the glass and schooling with the danios. I had no idea that they'd be so active! They're really cute little guys. Whatever gunk I've got on my glass they seem to like, and they will be sure to get enough of it because my snail doesn't seem to like it too much and because I can only scrape two sides of it anyways. I'll definately suppliment with agae wafers and fresh veggies (if they'll eat them.)

Anyways, I'm happy with my purchase and I think they're happy with their new home.
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