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New babies, Bronze(?) Cory Cats

This is a discussion on New babies, Bronze(?) Cory Cats within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Sylverclaws has said she never gets hers to spawn, and she raises many Livebearers and crayfish, etc. I thought it was pretty easy, but ...

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New babies, Bronze(?) Cory Cats
Old 07-31-2014, 06:28 PM   #31
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Hang in there, many people have to do it again & again

Sylverclaws has said she never gets hers to spawn, and she raises many Livebearers and crayfish, etc. I thought it was pretty easy, but that is because I googled how to watch them spawn, how to make the tank good for them to hatch, and I had some baby bites for my Mollies, so had something to feed them. This food thing is the hardest because you can't tell if they are eating, how much they need, and so on. I had to use a magnifying glass to see them at first, and even then couldn't really see much.

I got a Nerite snail to clean things up when I saw the eggs that didn't make it, and the snail was excellent, didn't eat anything but the debris and dead eggs. Kept the tank clean. Oh, and I put the eggs in a small tank with nothing on the bottom, except a little moss here and there. They say hatchlings will eat Infusoria, which the moss has plenty of. That way you can sort of see them -- though mostly only if they are moving-- if they are right by the edge of the glass. This way I knew that they would eat from the moss, and also I put in some of the Hikari First Bites as their first food for a few weeks. I didn't even plan on getting anything, but was quite surprised by the results. I even found another one today, in the main tank, had to have been hiding for a month or two, and this was with some big Mollies and adult Cory catfish in there. This one sure was a sweet one to survive everything thrown at it.
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Old 08-16-2014, 06:47 PM   #32
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Babies growing up and settling in

My catfish Cory babies have grown a lot since the last time I posted around July 27. Now the babies look like the sizes of the ones in stores, and then you see their big Mom, who is looking very pregnant with more eggs. She laid a hundred or so a week ago; I saw the eggs mature (who left the side of the glass after about 4-5 days), but can't tell if any hatched out with all the decor in there. Will have to check after a few weeks and see if there are any tiny ones in the tank. But I am very happy with the ones I have, and they seem less anxious to flit away when I pass by, since they know I will feed them. They are hysterical to watch, always going every which way and on top of each other.
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Old 09-10-2014, 10:50 PM   #33
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Update on Corys

Almost another month has gone by, and the Corys are as big as any in the stores, bigger actually. Big Momma is rather large now, probably 2.5 inches. Most of her babies are now in the 1-1.5 inch area. They are eating the Hikari Sinking Wafers, which seem to be tasty, as bottom feeders like. Anyone have any other food they know catfish enjoy? Looking for a different snack for them -- also have the micro-sized Hikari Micro Wafers, which I fed them when they were teeny. Now I know they like shrimp, does one just put the pellets in there, or break them up into smaller pieces? I gave them shrimp ground up when they were small...
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Old 09-11-2014, 07:25 AM   #34
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Since they're catfish, they need more than algae. They require some protein in their diets. Glassworms, brine shrimp, mysis is really good if they can eat it(it has shells like a lot of shrimp, which provide calcium but can make them a little harder to eat, though most have no issue, my kuhli's suck them up like nothing else).

Other veggies they can have, off the top of my head so it wont be a full list: Blanched cucumber and zucchini(this is better than cucumber, bot often not as liked) remove the seeds. The way I blanch them: Slice up a fresh one into quarter inch thick slices, put them on a flat sheet with wax paper under and on top, freeze them over night, slide them into a freezer bag. After that, take out what you want to feed them and pop them in a bowl of hot water for ten or fifteen minutes, remove, cool, feed. Remove the seeds when you first slice them. The zucchini has good calcium too, cucumber does as well but it's lower.
Blanched kale, I boil it, keeps the nutrients in there, also a high source of calcium. Romaine lettuce, also boil. Only do it for a minute or so on the romaine, the kale takes longer since it's tough stuff. Get organic if you can, less chance of pesticides and such, but do wash them first anyways.
Blanched shelled peas are great, I also boil them or put them in a bowl of hot water, then remove the shells. No canned stuff! Fresh or frozen Green peas. They can have these once a week, they're very good for your fish, VERY good, however they are also like a laxative if fed too much. =)
Mine had a thing for steamed broccoli stems(so do my fish, crayfish, snails, shrimp and plecos lol), gooood stuff. Steam or boil, remove the tops so they don't choke your fish or foul up your water. Make sure they're nice and SOFT when you feed them. You can freeze what you boil or steam and it'll keep a long time, just defrost and feed.

At this size you can probably sell them. Cories are popular on ebay....and quite expensive or I'd have me some sweet pandas or julii's. :3 <3 I adore cories, I used to keep bronze, julii, schwartzi and emerald cories, but at that time the only sand tanks I had were ten gallons, and they just weren't happy with so little space, and the gravel did them no good in the 55 gal though the mass of lower plants mostly kept them off it, one ended up losing two barbels after two years and that was it. I had initially intended to switch my 20 gal and 55 gal to sand, but it never did happen, so I found them new homes. I miss them. T_T They're such neat little fish.
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