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Are my albino cory's eyes alright?

This morning I woke up and looked in my tank, and I noticed one of my albino cory cats eyes were extreamly big and red. They dont look healthy at all. all the other fish look fine. the only thing I have changed in the tank was I got a black knife fish last night, and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not, but any help would be appriciated. Thanks again. (I tried to upload a pic (my fist time) so I'm not sure if the pic will work or not).

EDIT: Ok the picture didn't upload right so I uploaded it on my putfile accout it can be found here. ....
It looks almost like his eyes were ripped out. another cory in my tank has one eye that is not red but it looks ripped out as well.. Someone help I have no idea whats going on!!!
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are its eyes actually missing? or just red and inflamed? its hard to tell from the picture but it looks like theyre actually missing.
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his eyes are actually missing.
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ive heard black knife fish can be territorial and a bit aggressive, especially if they havent got plenty of places to hide, and since hes the only difference to your tank, it looks like it could be him. thats just a logical guess though. if it happens to any other fish i think you can say its definitely him thats doing it.
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Oh god that looks awful, poor little guy. You might want to post this in the Emergency section. I would call this a Fish Emergency!

How is his behavior otherwise?

I have 2 albino corys and I think they are blind anyway, they seem to go more by feel and smell. They'll swim right past my hand if it's in the tank and have no reaction at all until they touch me.


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u should treat with some meds incase of infection.
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What's the size of your tank? You'll need to move out your BGK. BGKs get far too large and with the emission of electrical pulses, they are not readily suitable with other bottom dwellers who will find it a nuisance to deal with electric fields. Let alone aggression.

Use Melafix to prevent secondary infections such as fungus.

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It gets even more weird...

First off thanks for all your help. Believe it or not, the BGK isn't the problem at all (although he was fighting with my lace cat so he is gone!). I went to a local fish store which is really great and the owner is very knowledgeable about fish, he first said it was the BGK, and he would credit me back the price of the BGK, and give me some new corys. However when we went to scoop out some new corys 98% of them had no eyes or were missing one eye. he said he just sold a bunch of them a day ago and there were no problems like this at all. he was as shocked as I was. So he gave me the last two corys with both eyes and today they are both missing one eye. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this at all? All of them loosing eyes within two days of each other is so incredibly odd. Also I bought two corys from petco months ago and they live in the same tank, and they have their eyes and have no problems at all, so it doesn't seem to be a disease. The only thing I could think of is it's some sort of genetic flaw, But again them all losing their eyes at the exact same time is really odd. I don't know what to do, should I kill them? Or just let them live as long as they can without eyes. I think I'm going to take them to the Fish guy and he said he will uthanize them.
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i had some neon tetras years ago (10 or 15 years ago maybe, i was just a wee girl) that lost eyes, there were only a 3 in the tank and they all just didnt have eyes one day. my mum just left them to live as long as they could because only being wee id have got too upset and they lived for a few months if i remember correctly so maybe you can just leave them but then if youre worried its a disease best moving them to a different tank. that is extremely odd though! i cant even begin to think why that would happen.
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