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Multiple Cory Species

So this is a quick question.

Will cory species cross breed? In other words, can I have multiple species in the same tank without worry of them breeding with each other?

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Some will cross breed. I want my albino and pepper to breed. But not all breeds will cross breed. just aks around because I once asked the same question.
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Cross breeding is frowned on, so that's what I'm trying to avoid. I'd like to have two species of cory in my 125, but if they will cross breed I need to pick one or the other and just double the size of the school.
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Many of us keep multiple cory species together; I have some 10 species in my 115g, and in the past I have had even more. It is always best to have several of each species when possible, I usually try for 5 of each but minimum 3. This is so they can interact naturally within their respective species. Some of them clearly prefer their own species, others are rarely together but all mixed up.

I know mine are regularly spawning. A couple weeks ago I found a fry in the canister filter when I cleaned it. It is now in the 10g and appears to be either a C. duplicareus or a C.metae, still a bit young for accurate colouration. And i spotted what I think is another cory fry, or perhaps a whiptail, in the main 115g tank, darting across the substrate and under wood. Most eggs and fry though get eaten in community tanks.

I did come across a paper on cross-spawning species, but can't remember where. There were some species mentioned that might cross breed, but if memory serves me the author suggested that it was unlikely to occur naturally.


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