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Locally bred stock - albino sterbai

I was at the aquarium shop and looking around. They had some albino sterbai that are locally bred. I'm not all that keen on albino cories but my number one priority in selecting my first fish is to get good healthy stock. The fish aren't white, they are actually a pale yellow colour and the guy said that they have the same markings as the regular sterbai that you can see in the right light. They were better looking than the other albino ones (in my opinion).

First question: are albino cories weaker physically than the coloured ones? Do they have health issues from the albinism? For example, can they see properly?

Second question: is there an advantage to getting locally bred stock over imported stock? Is it likely to be healthier/hardier than fish who've had a long journey before hitting the shop?

Do you think these are worth considering or getting?

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sorry i carnt help with the first question but as for the second i would say that a locally bought fish is healthyer than an imported 1 because their isnt the stress of the transport and a local fish is direct to your tank from the store whereas a imported fish has to travel and you dont even know how long there traveling for ....hope this helps :):):)

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Thanks fryup. That's what the guy was saying and it certainly sounds reasonable. It certainly doesn't hurt getting other opinions, in case they are just using a sales pitch on you.
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