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The king tiger pleco,the Zebra pleco,and the Gold nugget pleco are all largely carnivores and as such , would appreciate foods like bloodworms,frozen chopped shrimp,frozen chopped krill, and occasional chopped earthworms. Occasional spirulina pellets or algae wafer but not as primary food.
Tank must have high oxygen content that can be achieved with the use of sponge filter or airstones. Ammonia and nitrites must read zero all day and nitrAtes should be 20ppm or lower. Be aware that the foods mentioned will foul the water if uneaten portion is not removed. Best to feed the plecos an hour after the lights are turned off for the day and the following morning, use gravel vaccum or turkey baster to remove the food that was not eaten .
Moderate current should also exist in the aquarium and can be achieved with the use of powerhead or large amount of filtration (ie) Gallons per hour.
These three particular plecos are aggressive towards other plecos and MANY hiding spots will be needed even in larger tanks. Rocks,wood,and caves.
The gold nugget and zebra plecos share similar water parameters but the King tiger would do best in soft acidic water with ph around 7.0 Temps in 78 to 82 degreee range would suit them all but with higher temps,the use of airstones and or sponge filters would be good idea in my view.
Keep an eye on water quality. If ammonia and nitrites read zero all day, every day, and nitrAtes are under 20ppm with weekly 25 to 30 percent water changes,,then that is good. If not,water changes may need to be twice weekly. Hope some of this helps.

P.S. the Redtailed catfish will eat all foods offered to your pleco long before pleco or plecos can find it. The Redtailed catfish will need a VERY large tank if you are considering keeping it to adult size (THREE FEET) It will also eat anything it can fit in it's mouth including you plecos if it is able to. Could inflict damage to the plecos even if it can't yet eat them outright.
Do some research on the fishes you buy before buying them.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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