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it will decay and start to release ammonia. Next time instead of putting in the whole wafer, break of a small piece and put it in, if the pleco eats it all, add another small piece, keep adding until you think is adequate, a fishes stomach is about as big as its eye
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if theres more fish in the tank, the fish should gobble it up. it took my gold 3 days to come out of hideign and eat
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Ok well i also got frozen blood worms today for my zebra comin' tomorrow so off to the grocer tomorrow to get some veggies. thanks so much for all yor help and also thanks for being so quick. i paid alot for my zebra so i hope i can keep it alive. i would be sick if it died. lol but lets not think about that lets just get it here live first :)

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carefull with the worms, they are known to carry paracites if fed too much, Feed it at a maxiumum once a week. Frozen brine shrimp will be nice, with some cocktail sauce and some guests.... joking about the sauce and guests. Live brine shrimp will be even better
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oh ok cool got plenty of that. i was thinking of getting some of those sinking pellets that have veggie and meat in them for both plecos and i have a mottled catfish in there too. i watch the algea wafers also so i don't get too much going on in there.
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The frozen blood worms aren't really known for carrying parasites...its mostly live worms that you have to be concerned with. Just a tidbit of info for ya.
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Another thing, bloodworms are not really worms, but larva of midge. Frozen foods hardly would ever carry parasites. Tubifex worms are the ones that have the highest possibility of introducing pathogens particularly when their natural habitats are basically muddy environments.

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Ok i just left the algea waffer in there just to see if any got eaten and some did but duh i have no idea who ate it and the pleco is in the same dang spot. so i have no clue if he's eating. I guess i'll try to cucs and the zuccinni and if it's gone in the am tomorrow he is eating and i'm just not going to see it
but i'd rather that then him be dead. waiting on my zebra now. I can't WAIT.

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I Thought Pleco's Eat 24/7 ?
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None of mine eat 24/7 only at night but at least when the light goes out upstairs my common pleco comes right out for his food. downstairs the tiger stays put but is still alive.
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