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King tiger pleco not eating

Hello all. I have a king tiger and i have tried shrimp pellets, brine shrimp and algea wafers. i have not seen him eat any of them. what am i doing wrong. it's 11pm now and i still have not seem him move much at all. I'be had him for about a week now. Also i just bought a zebra pleco and he'll be here tomorrow i can't wait!!! and i'm hoping i'll do good at feeding him. the breeder seems confident i am going to be ok, and that all will be fine. oh and my water temp is about 80 and the water perms are good. thanks.

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may you please right down your water params at the exact level, just saying good doesnt really help us.
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Hi Rose.

Plecs are nocturnal.:) Try to get a cucumber and weigh it down with a spoon. Leave it in your tank for the night and it will eat when darkness falls.:) I don't know much about plec species so this is all I can suggest.

As for the zebra plec, it's carnivorous so you may have to feed it with meaty foods instead of greens.:)

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water perms

ok water temp is between 76 and 80 i hate those strips i just bought a digital on ebay. anyway the ph is 7.6 and there's no amonia. I have a heavily planted tank with driftwood and a cavey thing for him to hide in. thanks for all your help i love this forum

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ok, nitrite and nitrate levels will help, for now, try fresh vegetables like cucumbers or zuccinies
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make sure u boil them for 60 sec and let' m cool so it easy for them to eat.
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thank you

sorry about the nitrite and nitrate, i asked honey about those two and he said you would prolly just need the amonia and the ph. i will go out and get some veggies for him tomorrow. honey was worried about those being "messy" how do you keep it from being messy cut the seeds out and......? and should i put it on the bottom or hang it on the side. there is an algea wafer in there now and he hasn't touched it. now the boys are down there watching tv but the tank is dark. so we'll see what may have happened over night. I can't wait to get my zebra tomorrow. i'm glad i'm actually going to be home. I was thinking i should move the tiger to my 44 gallon until the zebra gets a little bigger. then i'll put them together. sound ok?

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i wouldnt leave the algae wafer in the tank for more than 2 hours. As for the cucumber, cut out the seeds, cut off the skin, boil for 60 seconds, and clamp it down to the bottom of the tank, you can use to oldschool rubber band method or buy a veggie clip at your lfs
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don't worry hell come out. :) was it shipped to you or did you pick it up?? if you got him ship to u maybe hes still stressed from the flight :D
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i got him at the fish store where i have gotten all my fish so far. anyway you guys answer fast. and just for my own info how come i should not leave the waffer mor than 2 hrs? dirties up the tank.

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