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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
Yes, the main thing with corys is to have a group in the tank. I always try to acquire 5 of each species if I can; over the years this has worked well. I have over 30 in my 115g tank, and a couple species have just 1 or 2 or 3 due to various circumstances. They sometimes chum around together as a species, or in 2, 3, 4 of the species; sometimes solo; and sometimes mixed species, again as 2, 3, etc. I suspect they are more "relaxed" if they have some of their own species in the tank. In their habitat they occur in groups in the hundreds, and while there may be 2 or 3 different species, there are still hundreds of each species, and they remain in groups of their individual species within the larger shoal. Natural behaviour is always a good indicator.

Wow I love the sound of your tank! I would love to have 30, but obviously that would be cruel in a forty gallon :( although I have the 20 and 15 as well on hand. Hundreds of cory's schooling together- now that would be a sight to see! I think I will give it a shot at mixing the metae and panda when the 40 gal is finished cycling. Thanks for all your help

Originally Posted by cichlidlover View Post
My bf recently added a school of 7 pandas to his tank with 2 blue gourami and 4 bloodfin tetras.. The gourami ended up picking at the corys! The gourami have recently found a new home in my 50G with my petricolas and we have no problem.. But in the short time they were together, we ended up losing 3 pandas! :(

The other 4 are now happy with the tetras, we won't be getting any more gourami!!
So sorry for the loss of the corys, they are so cute and dont hurt anybody, so Gourami's must have a tendency to be little bullies! I had two orginally and the bigger red dwarf stressed my powder blue to death. I definitely wont be buying anymore, I do wonder why even the dwarf species are labelled as peaceful community fish, maybe it depends on each Gouramis personality.
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