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How many?

Hi how many corys do you think would go good in a 20 gallon tank? Some people i've heard have up to 4 in a 10 gallon, so would 6 be ok in a 20 gallon? or should I stick to 4? Also what are some good large bodied tank mates? I like angelfish but I don't have any other tank to put them in when they out grow it. I just defiantly want a few corys, and a few other fish, but I don't want something small like danios, something a little large bodied. I like dwarf g. but i heard they tend to get agressive and even go after the bottom dwellers come mating time :o
and stock ideas would be great ! :D :D :D
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I'd stick with 4 or 5 Corys.
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IMHO 6 cories in 20g would be just fine. From my experience they have more fun when there's more of them so 6 would be better than 4.

I'm not sure this will be what you want, but I kept a betta in with 6 cories for a while and they all got along great. In the 20g he'd be really showy and very happy. Alternatively a few Threadfin Rainbows or Praecox Rainbows would look nice. I think they prefer to shoal though but it's a suggestion.

I'm not sure whether you like cichlids in general or just the angels but both Apistos and Nannacara cichlids stay under 3" thoguh you might still be pushing it in a 20g.

Good luck with your tank :)
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