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Wink Hoplo Catfish FAQ

Could someone answer a few questions about the Hoplo Catfish for me...
I've read various online profiles but none really answer my questions.

1) Can they be kept with other bottom dwellers such as Pepped Corys, or would this put the Corys under stress?

2) Are they safe with small fish such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Zebra Dainios?

3) How many hoplo catfish would you recommend for a 3ft long tank containing 200 litres of water?

4) Which one is more fun - Is there much personality difference between the Spotted Hoplo (Megalechis thoracata) and the Brown Hoplo (Hoplosternum Littorale)?

5) What’s their average life span?
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I see we have one species in our profile, but not much info, so I will need to do some research to resolve that. I have no personal experience of these fish, so I will provide a link to some info to get you started.

Hoplosternum littorale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Megalechis thoracata • Callichthyidae • Cat-eLog • PlanetCatfish • Forum • PlanetCatfish.com
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