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My new albino corycat doesn't seem to move much, no diseases help idk whats happening
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Originally Posted by Jasperdog View Post
My new albino corycat doesn't seem to move much, no diseases help idk whats happening
Is he alone or with other cories?
What is the water temp? Do you have salt or meds in the water?
Do you feed him a sinking pellet or does he just get leftovers?

My cories became much more active when I obtained a school of 6, lowered the water temp to 75-76, and started feeding them their own shrimp pellets. I am not an expert though. I am new to keeping cories.

75 g. planted peaceful community of denison barbs, cories, neons, boesemani and turquoise rainbowfish, pearl gourami, ancistrus

35 g. long semi-aggressive community of mature m. lacustris, diamond tetras, golden gourami

36 g. bow with pagai praecox and kamaka rainbowfish.

3 pico planted tanks with bettas and nerites.
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They need hiding spots and a group of friends of their own species to be secure and playful. How many do you have?

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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we have a few in multi tanks, at least 2 in any tank tho they do better. We have i think 4-6 in our community tank w/ angelfish a parrotfish and my eel and they play and swim around all the time. temps around 80 and they get leftovers for food and then every other or every few days i toss in some sinking wafers for them to feed on. Happy but sadly I still can't get them to breed like my gf's mom does.
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