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good pleco to go with bichers?

I'm in the process of setting up a 55g planted tank for a couple of ornate bichers and ABFs. I would like to find a midsized, plant-friendly pleco or something to keep the algae under control. I want to go ahead and get it soon so that it will have time to grow too large for the bichers to view as food when I finally get them. I've done some reading on the clown pleco, which seems suitable and is available at the LFS for only about $8. What do you all think/suggest?

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I have a ornate with just a common plec.
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Bristlenose at 5-6 inches size? I can't say the accurate answer although I'd only say you must get the biggest possible size of a plec species you will want or else end up placing the plecs on a dish for the bichirs to feast. The only plec tried with a bichir was a common plec done by my father. Common plecs are a bad idea though as they grow far too large and will constantly uproot your plants as they swim around.
Originally Posted by dlil
I have a ornate with just a common plec.
That's two votes to common plec.:) There is still the downside with that plec in a planted tank though.

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I would stay away from clown plecos as well, as with all panaque sp. wood is a big part of there diet and protein intake should be small (ie weekly max) which is completely the opposite of what the bichir would need (from what i understand).

A pleco with a more meat based diet would be my advice, hypancistrus may be a little small and end up as food, how about one of the smaller Pseudacanthicus sp. like Pseudacanthicus spinosus

but again i think u may have problems with the plants getting disturbed.

tough question!!

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I figured such would be the case, but I wanted to make sure because I've never kept a pleco. So does anyone have any suggestions for something to keep the algae at bay? I like to keep things as natural as possible and try to use chemicals only when it's absolutely necessary.

I really do appreciate the help, ya'll! Thanks.
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