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Good clean up fish

Hi I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 tinfoil barbs, 3 angelfish, and 2 silver dollars. I have been having to clean the tank more often now and the sides of the tank are getting dirtier also. I have tried plecos, CAE, and snails but they either die or get eaten by the barbs. What kind of fish would be a good clean up fish for these kinds if conditions and not get eaten.
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Is your problem,algae growth?
A think it would be better to fix the problem, using other methods, not adding fish or snails.
Can you post your readings for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? Sometimes, IMO, high nitrates can be the cause of algae.
How long have you had the tinfoil barbs? My tinfoils started out in a 65 gal. I could not believe how fast they grew. I quickly had to cycle a larger tank to meet their growing needs. You can check mine out in my album, on my profile page. They would not even be able to turn around in a 55 gal. Do you have a plan for them?

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Cory's. I have two large cory's in my thirty gallon, they are busy little fish that are always on the job, and there barbed/armor surface makes for an unpleasant surprise for a hungry fish.

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ottos or algae eaters are great

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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My ammonia is 8.0 ppm, nitrite 0 ppm, and nitrate is between 20 and 40 ppm.
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You mean your PH is 8, right?

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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
You mean your PH is 8, right?
Haha I said the same thing, my jaw dropped when I saw the "ammonia" reading. But he hasn't clarified so I am waiting to pick it back up.

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Ammonia at 8 ppm??, what is pH at?
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Yes ammonia is 8.0 ppm and ph is about 7.5
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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
Yes ammonia is 8.0 ppm and ph is about 7.5
I don't think this is possible. At a pH of 7.5 with a water temp of 77F, the absolute maximum "safe" ammonia would be around 1.2 ppm and that would need remedial action. At 8 your fish would be at the surface gasping if alive, and more probably dead. Let's hope your test kit is faulty. What type is it (liquid, strips) and what brand?


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