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Gold Nugget Pleco Care

Hello TFK Forum!

I am a long time Cory Cat lover but new to the world of Pleco's. I recently added two new pleco's to my tank one being a Bristlenose Pleco and the other being a Gold Nugget Pleco. My boss knew I was an avid freshwater hobbyist and bought me the Gold Nugget Pleco for Christmas (great gift right!). My concern is that I seem to be able to find an enormous amount of content on the Bristlenose and care seems pretty simple but considering the Gold Nugget is a little more rare and can potentially live a long time I want to make sure I am properly taking care of the little one. If you have any advice on special care of the Gold Nugget or anything I should know about Pleco's in general I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for any advice and Happy Holidays to you all!

Best wishes,

- Mike

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The most important thing now is to get it eating well. That is a common problem for newly acquired gold nuggets. I got and kept mine on New Life Spectrum exclusively, like all my fish. I don't do the wafers, just the normal pellets. High water quality is important, but should not be an issue in the first place if you are doing things right. They are more likely than bristlenose to go after things like plants.

The only other big thing with them is flow, they low it. I had one in a tank with a Fluval output pointed directly at the underside of a piece of driftwood, and that is exactly where he was. To illustrate this point are the following two pictures. The top one shows the gold nugget on the underside of the driftwood right in front of the Fluval output. The second picture should speak for itself.

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