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funny pleco story

ok about 2 nights ago i heard a noise O_O it was a loud splashing noise? i was wondering what happened? hmm... i than turned on my light and looked around in my tank and my pleco was gone O_o, so So than i started screaming (LOL j/p), i pulled out my dressor looked behind there, hmm.... then my mom came down stairs and said " i cant belive im looking for a fish at 2:00 in the morning" lol (ok now to the point) she said " could he of jumped into the filter?" (AND GUESS WERE HE WAS :/) he than jumped out this morning again soo.... i think he doesnt like the light

Some words edited out.
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Yeah, I've heard a few of those, but never had one out of the tank or even luckily into the filter! My cory always goes for air and I often hear little splashes, but when a full grown pleco jumps, it does startle me and I have to take a closer look.

I have had though, a crayfish that just disappeared before. It was actually two weeks before we moved and he was gone from my 10 gal tank. I looked around didn't find him and when we moved out, no corpse.

Same thing happened to my dragon fish. He was gone, looked around all over near and under the tank, then we moved about 5 months later and no corpse.
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if i turn the light on they go for it.) the big ones will pop out and hit the glass. i think its better to leave light off when its night or turn on the ceiling light beforehand for a while, ... although its unusually interesting to see 4 or 5 making runs up to the surface.....
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My 8 inch pleco goes to the top of the water just to get some oxygen every once in a while but no jumping or n e thing like that. Thats pretty wild right there.

nick :D

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