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Flourite & Bottom Feeders

Which bottom feeding fish (corys, plecos) can stand the roughness of flourite?
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I wouldn't risk if with either plecs or corys, much better using an inert sand, playpit sand will do.

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Fluorite as substrate should not be used with bottom dwellers. Most bottom dwellers naturally have softer underbellies, anything other than the smoothest gravel or sand could lead to infections or wounds on the underside.

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I currently have cories, otos, and farlowella cats as well as kuhlis in my flourite tank. Thus far, I've not had any of the above problems. Flourite, though rough, is pretty light and easily moves around when the fish swim by, move it around, ....
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I have 3-4 tanks with flourite as a substrate and have a ton of cories in each of those tanks. I also have farowellas, dwarf bagrids, an eel cat, sunset cats, dwarf synodontis', and other non-armored catfish in these tanks and have not had the first injury due to "scapes" on these fish from the substrate.
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Calling "coryologist"!! He's been in the species specific section. Good question to post over there!


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Originally Posted by Andyandsue
Calling "coryologist"!! He's been in the species specific section. Good question to post over there!
I am more than glad to move it here, Susan. Knowing Coryologist, he does frequent this section more than any other sections.:)

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