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feeding veggies

i want to feed my pleco (and probably everyone else in my tank) some fresh veggies, but i'm not sure how to get the veggies to sink and what kinds of veggies are good for them. right now i have a zucchini i want to start with, having noticed other people mention using them, but it will float and the pleco will never get to it unless i do something to get it to sink. what methods do people use?
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I use plant weights or a fork. Ive fed my otos/snails/cory's zucchini or cucumber once a week. I know there are other veggies you can use but this is all Ive dealt with. :P
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in case you were interested, plastic forks float.

i ended up using a plastic twist tie to attach it to a rock that i'd taken out of my tank (didn't look very good with my other stuff) and put the rock back in. that'll work for now, but hopefully i'll figure something better out.

other than zucchini and cucumber, what veggies can i feed my pleco? and is there any problem with my swordtails eating the veggies too? they have already done a number on some of my plants and i'm sure they will eat whatever i put in too.
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You can stick the plastic fork into the substrate..or use a metal fork. :)

I dont see there being a problem with your swordtails eating the veggies. The profiles say they can have vegetables.
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I dont see there being a problem with your swordtails eating the veggies. The profiles say they can have vegetables.
can they have too much veggies?
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I would only feed them a veggie once a week, and only a small slice. Leave it in for 12-24 hours depending on the veggie.
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I use a veggie clip that suctions to the wall. Bought it at pet smart for like $2. They are kind of stupid looking though. It looks like a clown fish. It makes for a nice way to view your plecos.
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Good veggies are yams, zucchini, cucumber. Veggies keep the intestinal tract clean; I suppose too much of a good thing may be less than desirable. I assume your pleco is vegetarian? Some are not, and won't usually touch veggies. Bristlenose are vegetarian.

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I feed mine baby spinach! They LOVE it - gibby, bristlenose, severum, angels, goldfish alike. No, these fish aren't all in the same tank. :P

I use a stainless steel teaspoon to keep it down. I just thread it onto the handle.

You may want to check up on what the vegie is called where you are, though. We have some different names here in Aust. Look up English spinach - NOT silverbeet. This stuff has smaller leaves, very mild flavor, darkish green in colour. :)
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I also use that clip attached to a suction cup to weigh it down, or just attach it to the wall. Luckily, I found clips that are just clear and plain... and not that clownfish one.
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