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Is that fair exchange?

Just took a dozen of my trilineatus cory dora almost as big as the parents in for store credit... LFS gave me 24$ (2$ per). They were born back in December and November. Nice big healthy specimens!!!

Glad I kept the rest. Rethinking where to take them next time. Or am I expecting too much???? I was hoping for 30 ish.
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My LFS gives 40% of what they expect the price for a given fish to be.
If you didn't like the offer, why did you take it?
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It's not a bad price, unfortunately! Remember the store typically buys from wholesalers, who buy from breeders. The breeders raise massive quantities of fry and the cost/fish is lower than what the hobbyist spends. As an example, a long-fin albino Pleco might sell in the store for $6.50 or more. I'm lucky to get $3-$5 selling the fish myself. Selling to a retail pet store, I'd likely get $2-$3, assuming I could find one to sell to.

Another option is store credit. You might get more $$ in store credit than in cash, because the store knows you'll be spending it on items they've marked up, so if you shop there a lot, that's a possibility too. You and the store win (but mostly the store!).

Having said that, it never hurts to shop around for a better price! If you are willing to ship, you might be able to sell for a better price on the forum classifieds here!

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Ok thanks for the input. Just thought being larger they might do a dollar or two better. Ah at any rate it was so much fun raising them. And it will cover the cost of food.
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Same with my LFS, I traded a baby rtc for in store credit and I got a spiney eel for free, same price per fish
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