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Depressed Cory?

I received a 35g a week ago. It came with a comet goldfish(10 years old), a common pleco (6years) a bronze cory, pepper cory and a dwarf frog(all 5 years). All of them had been in the same tank their entire lives.

I donated the pleco and the goldfish to the LFS this morning and then transferred my "tetra" tank over to the bigger tank. It contained 7 Black Skirts, 2 danios, and a chinese algae eater. I also purchased an additional skirt and 4 danios. Everything is doing well so far in the bigger tank except my bronze cory.

He's just laying on the bottom of the tank and not moving unless provoked(I poked him with the net to see if he was still alive) The pepper cory is still swimming around a bit but doesn't want to go far from his buddy.
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Heres a picture. Hmm.. sorry it wasn't this dark on the camera. Oh yeah... the pepper cory has gone to the other side of the aquarium now.
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Adding a few more cories may help if you are not going to be overstocked, they are very social and really benefit from being in a group.

Have you checked your water parameters since adding all the extra fish to make sure they are within safe levels?

Have you noticed any aggression from the C.A.Eater towards the cories? Sometimes they don't get along together, just the CAE's presence may be stressing him.
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Yes, cories are social fish and do best in groups of 5 or more.
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Oh my, that is incredibly sad looking. Hope he survives.

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Hmm... think it may have been a false alarm. He was just resting up because there was a party that night I didn't know about apparently. The 2 cories and the frog were having a blast all night long.
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oh yeah.. I plan to get more cories shortly, and the CAE is still quite small, so I dont know how much of an issue that would be at this point.
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careful not to add too many fish at once and cause a mini-cycle.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Agree. And get rid of the CAE now, before trouble sets in. Have a read of our profile for info, click on the shaded name Chinese Algae Eater.

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